Dropbox's answer to Google Docs is now available on iOS and Android

Dropbox Paper is now available on iOS and Android, allowing users to collaborate on documents in real time. It does away with the Microsoft Word-like menus and toolbars of Google Docs in favour of a simple white page.

Highlighting text brings up formatting options, and you can easily embed media, such as YouTube videos and image galleries. Send docs with just a click to either one person or your team. Work with a team at the same time, in the same doc and see feedback and edits immediately.

The release of Paper for iOS and Android is a minor milestone in Dropbox's difficult, ongoing pivot from a file-syncing business to an enterprise one. The company has wasted time and money on apps like Mailbox and Carousel, but for it to survive in offices around the world, it needs projects like Paper to pay off. Though given the relatively light feature-set of Paper, it might also need to move a little faster.

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How to quickly scan documents with the Google Drive app

If you have the Google Drive app for Android then you can use your phone as a portable scanner. From the front screen of the app, tap the large plus icon, then choose Scan from the pop-up menu.

You can rotate and crop images manually, plus create multipage documents, and your scans are instantly uploaded to Google Drive as PDFs.

To quickly scan a document on Google Drive, open Google Drive, and tap on the New Button (the colorful plus sign at the bottom right). After you tap on this option, a window from below will appear with various options. On the first row, tap on the Scan option.

When the camera opens, take a picture of the document you want to save as a PDF. If you don’t like how Google Drive saved it, you can make some changes if you want. Next to the color palette option, you can rotate your image in all directions. The final option allows you to crop your image.

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What is Artisto app?

Now put an arty layer over your videos as well as Artisto transforms them into moving paintings. Apply filters to videos that are already in your gallery or shot from your phone through the app. You have to select the 10-second sequence that you want to apply the filter to and the app does the rest.

Information on the application first appeared on Mail.ru Group Vice President Anna Artamonova's FB page on July 29, 2016. At the moment of posting there was only an Android version available. According to Anna, the application's first version only took eight days to develop. On July 31 the application was added to the AppStore for free download.

From this moment and continuing on into the present, Artisto has been the world's first app that uses neural networks for editing short videos, processing them in the style of famous artworks or any other source image. Prisma (app) application developers promise to deliver similar functionality at any moment.

The application soon won recognition and started to attract the attention of both international brands (e.g. Korean auto manufacturer Kia Motors) and popular singers and musicians.

According to the independent App Annie analysis system, within the first two weeks on the market the application made it onto TOP download lists in nine countries.  Available on iOS and Android.

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What is Prisma app?

Using a combination of AI, neural networks and filters, Prisma takes your photos and turns them into works of art reminiscent of famous artists like Van Gogh and Picasso or famous ornaments and patterns. With more than 30 different styles and the ability to fine-tune for unique results, Prisma helps you create artistic pictures.

The app was created by the team led by Alexey Moiseenkov who also founded the Prisma labs, based in Moscow. Moiseenkov previously worked at Mail.Ru and later resigned from his job to dedicate his time to the development of the app. He has said that the development of the app took one and a half months and the team did not do anything to promote the app.

The algorithm that powers the app is based on the open source programming and algorithms behind DeepArt. Available on iOS and Android.

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SanDisk launches iXpand Memory Case for iPhone 6 and 6S

Protection, storage, battery life - SanDisk's IXPAND Memory Case is a three in one package. Designed for the iPhone 6/6s this case can hold 32, 64 or 128GB of extra storage. Plus, you can add on an optional 1900mAh battery pack to extend the life of your phone.

The case's free companion app, Memory Case, allows you to view and manage what you have stored in the case's storage and also view battery life stats and settings. There's a power button and LED indicators for battery life so you can use the battery without the app if you wish, and it charges with a micro-USB cable.

The hard plastic case provides decent protection for the device, and it slides on and off with ease. The device makes a connection to the case via a built-in Lightning connector as it slides in (pictured at the top), and it also requires a Bluetooth connection when using the app, which the company says is “to wake up the device from sleep.”

But without the optional battery attached, the design of the product feels a bit incomplete. Large openings on the back that allow for the battery pack to slide in make the case a bit uncomfortable in the hand without it attached.

Without the battery, you have to put up with quite a bulky case, measuring 3 inches x 5.95 inches x 0.59 inches just to get the extra storage. That’s about 15mm thick at its thickest without the battery pack.

Attach the battery pack, though, and the problem is less noticeable when compared to other products on the market, all of which are necessarily bulky in order to add any significant amount of extra battery life. The battery increases the total thickness of the case to about 20mm (and adds an extra 83gm or 2.93 oz), but its tapered design makes the product more comfortable in the hand than without it. There’s a power button and LED indicators for battery life so you can use the battery without the app if you wish, and it charges with a micro-USB cable (you can charge the battery while it’s attached or not). 

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