What are the careers in sociology?

I am a student of Std XI (Arts). My favourite subject is sociology. What are the careers in sociology and which colleges or universities can I opt for after 12th (colleges in Assam)?

The study of human behaviour in social groups is called Sociology. It is not a subject with strong vocational values, but offers valuable preparation for careers in law, journalism, business, social work, counselling, politics, public relations, public administration and other related disciplines. These fields require the conceptual and skill-based training that comes from undertaking a degree in Sociology. It is also one of the few sought-after optionals for aspirants of the Civil Services Examination.

Graduate study is available in almost all the universities. After completing a Bachelor's in Sociology, one can go for post-graduation in specialized fields such as: M.A. Criminology, Master of Social Work, M.A. in Forensic Science, etc.

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