I would love to be a counsellor in schools or colleges

I am an Arts student. I don't know what to choose as my career. I am now in the second year of college. After graduation I don't know what to do as I don't have any plans for my future. I would love to be a counsellor in schools or colleges but I don't know what qualification I need to become one.

Usually, students follow the career path that is recommended to them by a parent, a friend, or a teacher. But this is not the right way to figure out your life. You have unique needs and choosing the wrong job can make your working hours a living hell. Conversely, when you match your preferences to the realities of a job, your work life can become meaningful and fulfilling.

Find out about what you like to do or what is it you're good at. By integrating information about yourself and about careers, you will be able to set priorities and evaluate options and thus make informed and intelligent choices.

In order to become a counsellor in a school, you need graduation with Psychology as a subject. It's always better to have a certified course in learning disabilities/ career counselling.

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