I want to become a teacher and social worker

I am a student of Std 11 with Arts. I want to become a teacher and social worker. I am also interested in dance. I want to do all these in DU University but I am confused about how to go about it.

Teaching at any grade level usually requires a bachelor's degree in the subject you wish to teach. To teach in secondary schools one should be a graduate and also have a B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) qualification. Graduate teachers with a B.Ed. are known as Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs).

A Bachelor's degree in Social Work (BSW) is the minimum requirement for most entry-level positions in the field of social work. Besides BSW, undergraduate courses in psychology, sociology, and related fields satisfy hiring requirements in some agencies. A Master's degree in Social Work (MSW) is generally necessary for positions in health and mental health setting, public sectors and administrative positions. MSW is of a two-year duration and requires some field work.

At present, focus on 10+2 and get a good percentage. Join a good college for graduation in the field of your interest. You can pursue your interest in dance by taking private classes.

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