Can you extinguish a candle without touching it or blowing it out?

If you can, knowing one more trick won't hurt

What you need:

Two candles, a glass, baking soda, vinegar, matchbox

What to do:

1. Light the two candies and set them upright on a table.

 2. Put a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into the glass.

3. Pour some vinegar. You'll see the mixture bubble Stop adding vinegar when the bubbles threaten to overflow

4. Let the bubbles settle down 5. Then tilt the glass over the candle. Don't pour liquid on the candle just hold the mouth of the glass near the candle flame.

What happens

The candle goes out. If you can't believe it, try it with the other one!


Baking soda and vinegar react with each other with blaster. A by-product of their reaction is carbon dioxide gas. The bubbles you saw earlier were all carbon dioxide that pushed the air out of the glass. The glass is now filled with the gas which settles in because it is heavier than air. When you tilt the glass over the flame you're actually pouring carbon dioxide over the flame! This carbon dioxide does not allow oxygen to get to the candle wick and the flame starves and goes out! In real life too some fire extinguishers employ carbon dioxide which is quite effective in putting out certain fires.

Picture Credit : Google


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