We've all heard fables of golden eggs. How about silver ones? Well, those can actually be made at home!

What you need:

A candle, matchbox, an egg, a transparent glass filled with water, tongs

What to do:

1. Make sure the egg is dry and at room temperature before doing this experiment.

2. Light the candle using the matches.

3. Using the tongs, hold the egg over the candle flame. Keep moving the egg so that it has an even coating of black soot all over it from the flame.

4. Gently, place the egg in the glass of water. Look at the egg through the water.

What happens?

The egg looks silver!


The egg doesn't actually turn into silver, it only looks so inside the water. The soot formed over the egg contains carbon. Carbon usually repels water. So a thin film of air stays like a cushion surrounding the carbon, keeping it from getting wet. It is this layer of air that reflects the light falling on the egg, making it look silvery, like a mirror.

Picture Credit : Google


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