Do billy goats stink?

Yes, billy or male goats or bucks give out a strong, musky odour. It comes both from their scent glands located near their horns and their pee which they spray on themselves when in rut. It may be repulsive to us, but the males do so to attract does or female goats.

Bucks smell pretty much all the time, but the rut causes them to smell worse. They will urinate on themselves then more than any other time of the year.

Bucklings, or young male goats, usually start smelling like bucks when they become sexually mature. Since bucklings can become sexually mature as young as 2 months, you may have a stinky youngster at that age.

Most goat owners separate their bucks from other herd members to avoid tainting the milk with the smell and to avoid unplanned breedings. This provides the additional benefit of keeping the buck smell away from all the other animals. Some goat owners trim their buck's beards and wash their bellies, legs and heads to reduce the strong urine scent.

The best way to avoid the buck scent and behavior is to wether your buck. You can wether a buck using either a burdizzo or an elastrator. The burdizzo will crush the spermatic cord when used properly. The elastrator puts a strong rubber band around the top of the scrotum, which cuts off the blood flow to the scrotum and testes, causing them to fall off in a few weeks.

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