Understanding the cause of an illness can often help a doctor to bring a patient back to good health or to suggest ways to prevent the illness from recurring or affecting other people. Illness may he caused by an accident, which physically affects part of the body, or it may be brought about by tiny organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections, while antiviral drugs attack viruses. In both cases, some disease-causing organisms are resistant to drug therapy. Occasionally, the cells of the body seem to act in destructive ways for no obvious reason. This is what happens in some forms of cancer. However, researchers are finding new ways to combat disease all the time.

A complex illness contains two or more elements of illness, causal illness, injury illness and blockage illness, with a single cause. A complex illness requires a cure for each illness element.

For complex illnesses, the first cure is to address the cause.  The second cure is to heal the damage, the third to transform the negative attributes that resulted from illness and from healing. It is possible, sometimes necessary to work on elemental cures out of sequence, or at the same time. However, cures can seldom be completed out of sequence, because the prior illness is a cause, and the illness will recur.

The hierarchy is also a hierarchy of life and of health. It is also useful to view the hierarchy of illness. An illness can exist in a single cell, the simplest life form. A single cell might have an illness with a single cause that causes an injury that is healed, but leaves a blockage resulting in congestion.

An illness might exist in a bodily tissue, independent of the cells comprising the tissue.  A tissue is a layer of life above individual cells.  A tissue might have an illness because that is not a cause of cellular illnesses that leads to tissue injury, which heals and leaves a tissue blockage, resulting in congestion in the tissue.  In the same manner, a limb, or an organ, or an organ system might have a simple or compound illness.

An illness can be based in an organ, an organ system, or in the body.  This is the common view of much of today’s medical practice. It is sometimes a useful view, sometimes not so useful. The illness of the body, like that of a cell, or that of a tissue might begin with a cause, or as an injury or a blockage, caused by an internal or external factor.

An illness might also arise in the mind, or the spirit, or even the community aspects of a life entity, from internal or external causes. An illness might result in damage to the mind, or to the spirit, or to the community aspects of the patient, which when healing is not perfect, results in a negative attribute – leading to congestion, and possibly even a new illness.


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