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Random Quotes
"Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted."


What is the mistral?»
            This is the name given to a wind which blows in ...
How are rocks formed?»
          Sedimentary rocks are formed from the sediment, or ...
Why do clouds have different shapes?»
               Clouds vary in shape according to ...
When does sheet lightning occur?»
               Sheet lightning usually occurs ...
What is twilight? »
          Twilight is the faint light which appears a little ...


How are rocks formed?»
          Sedimentary rocks are formed from the sediment, or ...
Why do river deltas form? »
               A river winding its way down to the ...
Why does smoke go up the chimney?»
               Smoke will rise up the chimney ...
What is fire?»
           Fire is the outward sign that oxygen is combining ...
What is dry ice?»
               Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. ...


What makes a saiga antelope an endangered animal?»
            The saiga antelope is a striking variety of ...
Why is a blue whale special? »
          Blue whales, as most of us know, are the largest animals ...
Why is the declining fin whale population a great cause of concern? »
            Fin whales are the second largest mammals in the ...
Why is the African wild ass rare? »
            By scientific classification, the African wild ...
Why is the addax an important animal? »
            The addax is a critically endangered desert ...