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Random Quotes
"Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted."


Can sunlight provide power?»
               As we use up natural resources such ...
How do jet engines work?»
            Like rockets, jet ...
How does an aeroplane fly? »
               As an aeroplane moves though the ...
What is Greenwich Mean Time? »
               In 1884 an international ...
How do we measure time accurately?»
               After the invention of sundials, ...


How do we describe the elements livermorium, tennessine and oganesson? »
What qualities make nihonium, flerovium and moscovium special? »
                    Nihonium is ...
What are the element numbers 110, 111 and 112? »
What are the features of bohrium, hassium and meitnerium? »
What are the characteristics of the elements 104, 105 and 106? »


How does a plant grow?»
The developmental cycles of animals and plants have contrasting styles. Animals ...
Can pears and apples grow on the same tree?»
Peaches and almonds growing on same tree! Or, mangoes and guavas hanging from the same ...
What is bonsai?»
At flower shows, have you seen miniature trees, which have proportionately small ...
How do fruits get their names?»
From ancient times, fruits have been Man’s favourite food Prehistoric Man may have ...
Why do fruits change colour when they ripen?»
Have you seen a tomato before it is ripe? It is green, sour and not very soft. However, ...