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Random Quotes
"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."


What is the Jupiter?»
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in the Solar System. It ...
What is Asteroid belt?»
Between the planets Mars and Jupiter lies the asteroid belt. It is home to tens of ...
Why it is important to explore Mars?»
Scientists have always longed to explore Mars. They believe that in the past the Red ...
How is the weather on Mars?»
Like Earth, Mars has seasons. This is because the planets are tilted at similar angles. ...
What is Mars?»
Mars is nicknamed the Red Planet because of its rusty soil. Like Earth, it has a rocky ...


I love Chemistry but I don’t know which courses I should do for a research programme in Chemistry»
I am studying in Std X. I love Chemistry but I don’t know which courses I should do ...
Are there schools that accept plastic as fees? »
           Does your school accept plastic as fees? There is a ...
Which is the first Indian state to ban disposable plastic bags? »
           Sikkim, a tiny state in the foothills of the ...
Why is Modbury important? »
            Modbury was a not so famous village in England ...
What are the advantages of bioplastics?»
            The production of bioplastics ...


What are the features of elephant?»
          The largest animals on land today, elephants share the ...
What are pinnipeds and sirenians? What does term pinnipeds stands for? How do seals and sealions differ from whales and dolphins?»
          The name given to the group of mammals that includes ...
What are the differences between whales and dolphins? Where do porpoises and dolphins live? »
          Cetaceans are carnivorous mammals that live permanently ...
What are the features of rodents? Name the largest rodent. What does term Lagomorphs stands for?»
          Rodents include mice, rats and squirrels, as well as ...
What are the differences between monkeys and apes? Name the lower and greater apes. Why great apes are considered closer to man? How apes take rest during night? »
          The first groups of higher primates are the monkeys . ...