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Random Quotes
"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them."


When do we use a modem?»
Computers that are connected to a telephone line incorporate a device called a modem. ...
When was the CN Tower built?»
The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is a communications and observation tower. This ...
When was the telescope invented?»
Galileo is credited with having developed telescopes for astronomical observation in ...
When was Braille invented?»
The Braille system was invented in 1829 by a blind gentleman called Louis Braille. He ...
When was the first microscope used?»
In the 16th century scientists were starting to look inwards at the secrets of the ...


How do we describe the elements livermorium, tennessine and oganesson? »
What qualities make nihonium, flerovium and moscovium special? »
                    Nihonium is ...
What are the element numbers 110, 111 and 112? »
What are the features of bohrium, hassium and meitnerium? »
What are the characteristics of the elements 104, 105 and 106? »


When was the takahe bird rediscovered?»
        The takahe was once thought to be extinct. By 1898, ...
Which is the national bird of Nepal?»
       Commonly spotted India, the Himalayan monal is the national bird ...
What is special about the Narina trogon bird?»
        A reticent and shy bird, the Narina trogon spends much of its ...
What important role does the green broadbill in nature?»
       Many birds perform important functions that help to sustain life ...
Why is the cockatiel a preferred pet?»
        The cockatiel is a prized pet throughout the world. The bird ...