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Random Quotes
"The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action."


When do we use a modem?»
Computers that are connected to a telephone line incorporate a device called a modem. ...
When was the CN Tower built?»
The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is a communications and observation tower. This ...
When was the telescope invented?»
Galileo is credited with having developed telescopes for astronomical observation in ...
When was Braille invented?»
The Braille system was invented in 1829 by a blind gentleman called Louis Braille. He ...
When was the first microscope used?»
In the 16th century scientists were starting to look inwards at the secrets of the ...


How do we describe the elements livermorium, tennessine and oganesson? »
What qualities make nihonium, flerovium and moscovium special? »
                    Nihonium is ...
What are the element numbers 110, 111 and 112? »
What are the features of bohrium, hassium and meitnerium? »
What are the characteristics of the elements 104, 105 and 106? »


What is a Lilac-breasted roller?»
The lilac-breasted roller is an African member of the roller family ...
What are the Birds?»
Birds are the only animals in the world with feathers, which provide a protective and ...
Which are the mammals that live in the sea?»
Mammals living in the sea can stay underwater for long periods of time. Their ...
Which are the mammals that live on land?»
There are more types of mammal on land because there are so many different places where ...
What are the types of mammals?»
There are more than 5,000 different types of mammal in the world today. They are ...