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Random Quotes
"The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action."


What is oil?»
    Oil is one of the world’s most important resources. We use oil ...
Important iron»
    The centre of the Earth is partly made of iron! Around the ...
Light and strong Metals»
    Many metals, such as iron and steel, are strong and heavy. They ...
Useful metals»
    You can see and touch metals used in things like drink cans and ...
Metals - Shiny and gold!»
  Gold, silver and platinum are special metals. They are used to make ...


What is oil?»
    Oil is one of the world’s most important resources. We use oil ...
The future of natural gas»
Although new areas of gas are being found from time to time, we are using up our known supplies ...
Saving gas today»
We can’t replace natural gas but we can use less energy. Insulation and double glazing in your ...
Gas alternatives»
  Natural gas from the ground is not the only gas that we can use for fuel. ...
Will natural gas last forever?»
  We are using up natural gas supplies very quickly. One day, we will run out ...


Different seashores»
      There are different seashores all over the world. ...
Seashore plants and animals hold on tight»
The waves that crash on to a seashore are very strong. Seashore plants and animals must hold on ...
Seashore Shells»
      Shellfish are small animals that live inside ...
Life in a rock pool»
    When the tide goes out, some water is left behind in hollows in ...
Seashores animals - Digging in»
      Many seashore animals bury themselves in the sand, ...