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Random Quotes
"If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them."


How can people protect the Earth? »
For thousands of years, people have used the earth’s land, water, and air. Also, people ...
Is the Earth heating up? »
Earth is slowly getting warmer. Most scientists believe that people are helping to cause ...
Why it is important to use land very carefully?»
Using the land wisely Every year, there are more people on the earth using more of ...
What is Pollution? »
Pollution is anything that people do those damages the natural environment. For example, if ...
What are Natural Resources?»
The Earth’s natural resources What if there weren’t an ocean or any lakes, ponds, ...


What makes it snow?»
Take a close look at some snowflakes. You can see that they aren’t drops, like rain; or ...
What is air made of? »
Air doesn’t seem to be made of anything. It has no colour, taste, or smell, and you can see ...
What is net-zero emission?»
The U.S. president-elect Joe Biden has declared that the U.S. will return to the Paris ...
If water contains oxygen and there is fuel and heat, can a fire burn in water?»
You need three things for a fire, right? Fuel, oxygen, heat. So if hydrogen is ...
What do chemists do?»
Chemists . One of the physical sciences is chemistry. Chemists study chemicals and other ...


How do insects help the environment?»
Believe it or not, frogs and insects help people learn about how healthy the earth is. ...
What are people doing to help the Earth? »
There are many ways that people help the earth. Some of them restore or preserve resources. ...
Is rain recycled water?»
Rain is recycled Rain falls from clouds, but the water in the clouds comes from ...
How we can classify land on the earth?»
Land on the Earth The earth is a huge ball, but it is not smooth all over like a ...
What are Deserts? »
The glowing sun glares down on a vast sea of sand. As far as the eye can see, sand ...