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Random Quotes
"Faith is, at one and the same time, absolutely necessary and altogether impossible."


What will spacecraft be like in the future?»
Space shuttles will be replaced quite soon with space planes. America is developing a space ...
Who is building a new space station?»
America is leading a group of countries to build an international space station (ISS). The ...
What bounced around on Mars?»
The Mars Pathfinder probe dropped on to Mars inside a bundle of balloons. The balloons ...
Which voyagers visited all the planets?»
Humans can’t travel to other planets yet. A trip to Mars would need much bigger ...
Is there a telescope in space?»
Astronomers on Earth have their view spoilt by our cloudy, dirty atmosphere, which makes ...


What are acids and bases?»
ACIDS AND BASES Some substances and chemicals are very reactive. This means they ...
What are crystals and what are Solutions?»
CRYSTALS In many solid substances, the atoms or molecules are fixed in place but ...
What is oxygen and hydrogen?»
OXYGEN We cannot see, smell or taste oxygen. Yet it forms one-fifth of air and is ...
How would you help me to understand what molecule is?»
MOLECULES Atoms make up all the objects and substances in our world. But they ...
Why some metals are precious?»
PRECIOUS METALS Certain types of metals are precious or valuable. This may be ...


Why did the dinosaurs disappear?»
Some scientists think it was because a large meteorite hit Earth or because huge ...
Were there dinosaurs in the sea? »
No. All dinosaurs lived on land, but there was a variety of strange reptiles that swam ...
Did dinosaurs lay eggs? »
Yes. Dinosaurs laid eggs, just as reptiles and birds do today. Scientists have found fossil ...
Which dinosaurs used trumpets?»
Many ‘duck-billed’ dinosaurs, like Parasaurolophus, had strange crests on their heads. The ...
Were huge plant-eaters ever attacked?»
The sheer size of many of these gentle giants must have put off many predators. Some like ...